I always think about my dreams, I have a lot of dreams, but I figured out that my biggest dreams are related to music.
Music is the most important thing in my life, music has helped me a lot through out these years.
I know that not everybody can understand how I feel, but if you are in love with music then you'll understand me perfectly.

In Dublin my dream came true.
I live in Milan but I decided to fly to Ireland to see One Direction live in Croke Park Stadium, because I had never had the chance to see them before.
That night was the best night ever, that concert was the best concert ever.
I can't explain how I felt, but seeing them for the first time was definitely a dream.
They were perfect, on stage, singing and laughing. They were just them, One Direction, my love.
Harry was so beautiful, tall and he told us his jokes, as always.
Liam said "Thank you" a million times, he was so sweet and cute.
Zayn and his voice! Omg, finally I could listen to his voice live. It was amazing.
Niall was so cute, the crowd loved him, because he's irish and we were in Dublin. He was so happy and I was very proud of him.
Louis, I can't even talk about him. He's my hero, my little love, my smile, he's very important to me. It was the first time I saw him, and he was perfect, just like I imagined him. Tiny, cute, small, sweet and his voice! God only knows how much I love his voice.
I'm so happy that I could see them and I really can't wait to see them again live in Milan, in San Siro Stadium.
I already miss them, even though I know that I'm going to see them again.

I miss all of them, yeah, my favorite is Louis, and I love him a little more than the others, but I miss all of them and I love all of them. I don't know why I'm so in love with One Direction, but I'm sure that they're my smile and my heart.

Yes, I cried. Yes, I smiled. Yes, I was happy.
I still can't believe that one of my biggest dreams came true.
And, actually, I have to say that seeing One Direction was my biggest dream.

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  1. ciao Cleo mi piacciono un sacco i tuoi post e anche i tuoi video :) se ti va passa dal mio blog http://infinityblog46.blogspot.it/ mi farebbe tanto piacere.
    Ti voglio bene
    x Laura

    1. Ciao Laura se divento lettore del tuo tu ricambi da me? Magari ti piace il blog :) ilmondoinunoscaffale.blogspot.it

  2. ciao, io ti seguo anche su youtube e ti volevo dire che si fantastica!!!!!!!!!!!